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I've spent the morning reading/editing project applications. This is super fun and exciting work. But now it's time for lunch 🍴👍

Had a decent day at work, went to a meeting I didn't plan to. went home and read the proposal for a budget proposal so that I could suggest some changes to it.

Now I feel like a walk but it's too late 🤷

This is both my new wallpaper and my sweet sweet aspect ratio, reminds me of the LG G6 with its 2:1, only I think this is 19:9 🧶

Todays plan consist mostly of reading and writing stuff.. But I hope I can sneak some knitting in..

Ebba's been learning about in so we decided to see if we could spot some on our today 🍄🙂

This was the prettiest!

I finally, after a summer of putting it off, got a new sync set up for my photos (phone ➡️ NAS). Today is gonna be new phone day! 📱

I think I'm resigning to the fact that I'll own a samsung device again..

All my emoji are gonna look all wonky 😣

I took my phone out of its charger, fully charged, at 10 in the morning, and now the battery estimate tells me it'll be dead before I get home tonight..

Maybe if I didn't toot or browse during my break 🤔

I'm baking and looking at phones. What a morning..

exercise, health + 

I got a new in the mail today but it had to charge until six, so naturally by eight I had walked 10000 ..

Ebba's asleep and I'm about to be too soon. Right now i'm doing some more sock though.

Half regretting this colour but I'm too far in now..


My daughter is trying to brute force a math problem by guessing consecutive numbers. She's up to 129.

(100 + 207 for those wondering)

It's that time of the year again.. I've begun a pair of .

I'm working at the hospital today. Getting 8th-graders interested in healthcare. It's not my usual job but fun nevertheless. This is my view for today. One morning shot and then an afternoon shot

I was super happy with my old flashlight, and pretty upset with myself when I lost it. I lost it in spring and have been looking on and off since then. But now it's darker out again and I need one.

I'm fully counting on finding it again now that I've replaced it. At least the replacement is rechargable, so that's something 🔦🤷‍♀️

played some disc golf today. Nothing on the course or anything, just throwing some discs against the basket with Ebba. She's so fun 🥏

If yesterday was apartment fixing time today has turned out to be me fixing time.

Not that I need fixing, I just had a great morning 🤷‍♀️

(it's almost 9am)

Here's my short swedish review of the rotring 800.

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