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I have been prepping for the upcoming day for a good long while. We are having friends over and eating cookies/pastries that are the same forwards as backwards.. Just so you all don't miss it (or think I'm being silly) here is a video not by me.


When the entire week is full of getting home late and leaving early the weekend becomes prime real estate for doing stuff.. But it's also the only time I have time for cleaning and doing the dishes..

This morning I saw the aleged leaks for the upcoming 2020 . Let me just say: WOW! if this turns out to be correct..

Being shown around the regional theater Byteatern. Sadly no image descriptions (because I'm in a meeting). It's mostly walls, windows, floor and pretty views.

I would say meetings, but this is just a really long single meeting..

In about an hour I'm in for a day full of meeting.. I have my pen, paper, computer, notes and also a bit of a headache.. I'll remind you all now to drink your water today 😉💧

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Round 1, Match 8 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Wallet update: It was way too flimsy. I waxed it and now I'll see how that turns out over the coming week or so 🙂

I wake up at 4.15 and there's a documentary playing on the radio about the hives.. Apparently they were quite big..

My wallet the last few years have been different iterations of folded paper.

Today I made one out of fabric and it feels super flimsy. I'll try it out for a few days before I decide if it's any good.

Sure looks good though 😀

If you're trying to be a serious business you need to have a website. I can not take you seriously if all I find is a link to some basefook page asking me to sign up to see your "companys" "social feed"

I'm looking at you, local tattoo studio.. 🤨

Tonight I finished the several weeks long project of rewatching an old 12 season show from start to finish. It was good, I'm glad it's over. I think I have to detox with a or something. I'll let you all know how that turns out.

Some of you might remember I keep getting my cyclometers stolen (that's a fancy word for bike computer). A few days ago I gave in and got a cheap crappy one.

It has some features I like, such as a lit display and a thermometer (I've been asking for this for ages). But the user experiance is horrible. I still can't reccomend it 🙁

This is the kind of battery talk I like to find in my phone menu. Some of it is marketing of course, but still...

Reading pippi longstocking. They're having ham and coffee for breakfast. Kids are clearly supposed to laugh and snicker about the fact that they drink coffee because kids aren't "supposed" to like coffee.

Ebba and I just find it super odd that they're eating a pig 🐖 Ebba can't stop laughing about a bunch of kids eating a butt.

I found this drilled out piece of key the other day and now I'm marveling at the power of my camera.

Why is there no streaming service that will let me watch battlestar galactica? If any one knows where to find (in sweden) please tell me.

When I was a kid I used to think it would be so cool to know morse code or something similar. But now I think braille is much more usefull for everyday life.

It just hit me today that they are similar in not changing the language but swapping out the symbols used to represent it.

Other than that they're not very similar. They fill completely different needs, but braille can at least be found in every day life. It's very rare that I "just find" some morse code.

grocery shopping online feels super extravagant but it's really a save some times..

This film, I think, benefits strangely from being low def.

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