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I made bread the other day. It's crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. Who knew bread could be that good. 😊

Here are some more weekend pics. We solved rubiks cubes (not actually rubiks) and played in the sun. Had a generally great day.

real close close up selfie, pores and everything.. 

I found some kids feeding some birds. Had to stop for that, but kept the kids out of frame.

look at springing to life. (I made a roadstop find today, that's the advantage of a )

I recently switched up my email and it's currently syncing back to 2013.. Don't know why I thought I needed that..

I just got home and found SO MUCH STUFF! in the mail. Mostly stickers.


My pull out key chain broke. I've managed to fix it with tape 😄. But it's a bit wonky now 🤪..

I feel like a squirrel. I made lunch late last night and hid it (in my fridge) just hoping to find it later.

Tastes as good today 👍🐿

weekend selfie 

Wet and rainy today. But I found my first (in ten or so years)

I'll give it some time and maybe find some more before I call myself a

Having a fun so far 👍

Mina två favoritlag i final, vem håller jag ens på 👏

until 20 minutes ago I didn't know the free software foundation had a european branch. But I just found the @fsfe

I'm able to, so I donated ❤

Looking forward to some very interesting lectures today. amongst the elderly..


When you get to play all your letters on one word and you feel like the moon must just have crossed the path of saturn or something.. That never happens.

Got the tiniest amount of snow this morning/night. But it has mostly turned to slush by now..

Hot tip: Don't drink roadside slush 🤷‍♀️

I got a letter in the mail today. Having is so much fun ✉ !

But I have a ton of stuff to read before I cab get to my letter

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