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I just found one of my favourite series online for streaming. I've been looking for this for years, but never found it available in before. Sadly it's on prime and I'm not too excited to sign up for another streaming service.

selfie, ec (but with sunglasses) 

Selfies from a playground today.

My new jacket is apparently a parka. And I didn't really know what that was until today but I have a distinct memory of rachel defending them to ross as cooler than dinosaurs.

#mello (toot in swedish) 

Ebba har laddat med godis inför mellon, jag fyllde på min vattenflaska. Vi är lite olika peppade 😉

clothing ans sizes 

My fall/spring jacket was way too big when I pulled it out of storage last week. (My winter jacket on the other hand has been a bit small this winter 🤷‍♀️)

So today we went to the shops and I don't think I've ever had this smooth of an experience clothes shopping. Pics maybe later 😉

Today I saw the first flowers of spring. But they were in someones garden. (we've been out vaccinating all day)

Instead you get this beautiful bit of soon to be flower.

We had a temperature record yesterday. The hottest day ever recorded for february at 16.8°C

Just sayin'.. It feels a bit like spring.

I still haven't seen a single flower though. And I've been looking. I think they're hiding from me 🤔

Today turns out to be a slow day at work. Right now I'm in "private mode" waiting for a phonecall, wich wouldn't really be possible most days..

spring, selfie ec 

The ground still shows the remauns of winter but there's a definitive spring feel in the air.

Today feel like a soup day. Maybe I'll make soup 🤔🙂


This weeks is a screenshot from waiting to connect to a video call. Because why not 🤷‍♀️


We had planned on tacos as a late dinner for last night. But it turned out to be too late for a full meal.. So we decided on breakfast instead.. This is very early for cooked .

Forgot the image description on this one. It's a bunch of screws lined up and ready to go in a thing..

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Having access to an electric (and renewably charged) carpool is so convinient. I rarely drive, but when I need to I think it's the best way.

Might have to take a few bike pics in the coming days though, to make up for the car in todays picture 😉

When you find out the thing you've been thinking about for months is about to go out of stock and never return 😑

This week has been such a week so far. I've had overtime every day at work because we've got so much vaccine to give out. It's great but also I wish it was next week. Next week will be calmer we think.

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Today Ebba said "You've got something white on your shoulder" Turns out it was my frozen hair, I don't know how this happened because my hair was very dry when we left for school/work this morning. -13 C° and a beautiful sky today.

food, cookies 

I bought pre made gingerbread dough around christmas and it's about to go bad soon.. But I've got no time for baking today..

No time no problem!

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