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Going out to work in a little while, I got the vcuming done, some more cleanup and lunch. Also did some more art experiments.. I think I've found a method and style I like with the recent collection of stickers..

A slightly calmer day at work today. I've got a meeting later but otherwise I've got the day off.. Let's do some vacuming and have some coffee. Maybe I'll take some selfies later. And maybe make a post about consumption 🤔🤷‍♀️

Riding home from work yesterday was such a nice experience. The air was full of flowerpetals and scented with spring. Riding to work today was just the same. Such a nice week we're having!

Sometimes all you need to feel a bit fresh is to make a new wallpaper 😊

Have some small white flowers from this weekend before I go to work today (there is also a bumblebee).

selfie (ec) 

If you take a selfie on saturday and make sure to post it really early on monday morning, can it still count as a

Todays bedtime story was "Can you explain how hey google works?"

So we talked a little about what a computer is, and why I won't call it an asisstant but a speech-computer. It's a computer where the UI is speech.

We talked a little about the difference between local and cloud computing and how the little box we have isn't all that smart.

It's not helpful to let formfactor decide what is or isn't a computer.

My doughter is such a nerd, and she mostly gets it from me 🤓

I'm really enjoying the very techie weekend we're having.

I had two problems this weekend.

1. ) A giftcard that was about to expire, that I had said I would use for something unneccesary for me.
2. ) The only mouse we could find for Ebba that she liked the looks of, and I could motivate the price of, wasn't in stock.

The kind of backwards solution that worked for us is that I got the mouse I've been eyeing since it came out in September and Ebba got my old one. If she ends up using it a lot we know it's worth looking in to "her" mouse again later.

I'm planning on teaching kiddo this weekend how to use her tablet in a more desktop-like setting. She really wants a computer but realistically her tablet is plenty powerfull for what she needs and she's got a great keyboard for it too.. Might need to kit her out with a mouse though 🤔😊

Ebba and I are heading in to a four day weekend. Tomorrow is a holliday we don't celebrate, but I'll take the day off. We're having great weather so I'm hoping to take some pictures 📷🙂☕

This obviously isn't a great pic. There's a whole bunch of glare. But one of the images I posted the other week is now hanging in our shared office. My colleague asked that I please hang some of my photos 🙂

question about food 

does your language have a specific word for tiny pancakes?

This isn't from today but I said before that I'd share the baby rabbits outside of my balcony. Totally forgot but just remembered 😄

I made some new stickers. I'm really happy with how the birds turned out 🙂

This sticker making thing is feally fun!

baking (cookies) 

We made cookies, my favourite

I'm thinking of trying to swap the battery on my old phone. Just for the learning experience and the fun of it. But I also think it could be a slight upgrade for Ebba if I puööed it off 🤔

It was a working phone, it just didn't work for very long. And I wasn't about to do my first repair on a daily driver.

Maybe some weekend soon 🤷‍♀️

Eating snacks and continuing with Battlestar. It's friday night and I have a headache. I'm looking forward to coffee tomorrow 🙂

This entire week have been full of teaching. I'm doing the same lecture every day this week for different people. It's entirely fun. But I've done almost nothing else at work 🤔

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