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I see a lot of people doing "newsletters" now. And I understand it as a way to direct connect with people without relying on either a big company owned platform (youtube or similar) or people manually searching for you.

"I'll become algorithm independent by just sending all my followers an email once a week"

To me ut just feels like you all forgot the precentralized web. What you're trying to reinvent in an RSS feed, except you're not posting it so new "followers" can read the back catalog..

Ebba and I decided to try the old for with the switch emulator thing.. It's a fun game to try out from time to time. But wow did Mariokart get better with time!

New update ready to install on my tablet.. I'm overly excited about the changes to the bootscreen.

We went to a castle today. We saw a bunch of stuff and had a bunch of fun. Will be back again, for sure.

(I mean.. this was technically back again)

death mention (but not really about death) 

I'm watching a youtube video about Swedish Death cleaning. Just gonna put that out there.

"Nordic" minimalism framed as a thing that can save american homes 🙄🤣

This seems to be a cleaning/minimalism video, not a death video.

There are a thousand good games out there, but I kind of like a classic some times.

Elderflower marmelade. Very good indeed 👌

Look at this little puzzle. The size of a postcard and cut in 150 pieces..


I got some great gifts for my birthday. Also got some sweet foodstuff but they don't make for as nice of an image..

weekend selfies (ec) 

It's been a while since I posted a . I guess I still kind of look the same 🤷‍♀️

I loaded the coffee yesterday and woke up to breakfast in bed this morning.

Yesterday I was pretty much tired of this birthday already but I think it might turn out alright 👍😊

Tomorrow is my birthday.. I'm not sure how this happened 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄

Made some new . This is, I guess, a potted themed set of two.

Tried a shiny for some and matt for some. 😊

Played some minature golf today. And went on an unexpeced walk. I've been out all day but we've had great fun 😊

famous person death.. - 

Guess I know what I'm listening to today..

We're having one of those rains where I just had to get out real quick and dance in it for a little while. 🌧🌦

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