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Roadtripping again today. Much nicer car. All the modern features, like not burning dinisaurs 👍

Getting to work early is great, because you've not technically started yet but you already got some of it done.

And then you have time for 😉👍☕

I've got so much work to do at work today. Having had the day off yesterday I foresee a flood of emails that all need responding before 8.15 or so 🤷‍♀️

This day has been a bit of a rollercoaster. But apart from not really enjoying sitting down for about seven hours I've really mostle had a nice day with roadtripping. Might repeat this weekend 👍

The roadtripping, not the roadtrip 😉

Going back to work after the summer sure means less tooting..

New book day today. Hard choice this time between a red and a blue.

But I think the blue is more fall like and I'll get to start the red some time around the hollidays.

This will be the last day for a whiöe of posting. I'm down to the last of the films in the skywalker saga.

I remember being a bit impressed when we found out reys backstory. Not every filmmaker would have gone there..

I just spoted the new samsung galaxy Z flip 3. It's not out for about another two weeks. Obviously I had to try it out 😉

selfie (ec) 

are back!

This one is a silly outfit selfie. I guess I'm just a pop of blue today 🙂

phone-mirror-picture, ugh 🤷‍♀️

Having many pairs of shoes is great for the shoes, they supposedly last a lot longer but suddently I have to choose what shoes to use on a daily basis.

I've had my style down to "the same thing every day" for so long that I forgot what clothes can be..

But yeah, they're all very comfortable and that's the main point I guess 👟👟

waking up before 6, but decising to stay in bed and read the news before getting up.

Now it's time to make some . It's saturday.

Today is the first of the three "modern" films in the saga.

I'm coming up on a weekend ending for these. And I don't actually regret rewatching them 😊

I just ordered so much expensive stuff. Not all for me though.

I'm currently watching episode 2. Some times the prequels are criticized for being about "boring" politics. But honestly the politics are very much the backstory to the main story of anakins decent in to darkness.

If anything the politics are mildly interesting and also tell the story of how the empire we see in the original trilogy could have arisen from a some what democratic society.. These films are a product of their time.

Tonight is prequel night.

This is when we learn that the universe had the ability to make AI weapons by the time of the republic even though we don't see them during the reign of the empire..

Even the empire didn't think they were a good idea.

Ebba and I are going through our jackets and gear trying to figure out what we need new as we're heading for fall.

Turns out.. not much 🤷‍♀️

And we found some stuff to give away 👍

This film is completely unrealistic. The ecosystem needed for anything with that kind of mouth size is simply not pressent on that asteroid.

Also: How is this the problem I'm having with the flight from hoth.

Board games in public. Just some . This really is a fun quick casual and most importantly very portable .

At least has the decency to go at lightspeed through hyperspace. Many franchises today just break physics with FTL.

I don't think I've noticed this before but the first person mentioned to be part of the rebellion in new hope is actually . Right there in the yellow scroll.

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