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Last day of work before vacation. They say it'll be cooler today.

Sista dagen innan semestern. De säger att det ska bli svalare idag.

Yesterday we had 32°C going home from work. Let's see what today has to offer ☀️

Igår var det 32°C på cykelnnpå vägen hem. Vi får se vad idag har att erbjuda ☀️

ordlig nr 194, 3/6


I got a security update for my phone. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone to update your connected elecronics and back up your data 😉

Friends don't let friends forget to back up & update.

I've had a slow start today. Nice to have a weekend like that some times but now it's time to get in to go-mode. Stuff to do 🙂☕️

I've been upset with my tablet/monitor-combination for over a month because they wouldn't connect. I've tried everything from softwareupdates to swapping cables, adapters and everything else. Nothing has worked.

Now I swapped the HDMI-cable and it works. I wish I knew why or how..

's here. Lots to do.. But first, lets get the rest of done!

ordlig nr 189, 3/6


personal update 

I haven't really talked much about this on here, and I'm not planning to either.

I just got sole custody of my child and I think this is for the best right now.

Ordlig nr 187, 4/6

Monday morning.. I feel like I just ate dinner but I promise I haven't.

Måndag morgon.. Känner mig som jag just ätit en hel middag men jag har inte det..

Went to the beach this morning but heard thunder rolling in so we decided on minigold instead.

Just tending to the farm.. We will never have to worry about food again when this is done 🙂

Odla odla.. När detta är klart har vi mat så vi klarar det mesta 🙂

This is the last day before the weekend and we haven't got too much to do at work. I might be able to cram in some office/paperwork time today 🙂

(by that I mean my regular job, instead of the summerjob thing)

Inte så mycket att göra på jobbet idag. Jag hinner nog göra lite av mitt vanliga jobb k efyermiddag och inte bara sommarjobbfix 🙂

How are people surprised that what they say online has real world effects. Did they forget that this is part of the real world?

Played some minecraft tonight and found my first Amethyst in a cave. I know this is old news, but I recently reset my world and this is so much fun.

Spelade minecraft idag och hittade min första Ametist i en grotta. Det är inget nytt kanske, men jag startade en ny värld nyligen och har massor av roligt.

Some of you will remember I had a blue coffeetable. It was pretty beat up and the colpur was starting to flake off..

Replaced it the other day with a new (to me) table I got from @aliel . The first thing I did was of course to drill a hole thru it..

Also: Not only but also half way mark for the year.

Take a break, it's halftime. Have some ☕️🍰

We've got a thunderstorm rolling in. Cozy!

Åskväder på gång. Mysigt!

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