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Sunrise at 6 and sunset by 20.. What is this! The start of fall !?


Last night it actually got dark pretty early, now when we got up it's still pretty dark out but that's mostly because it's .

Finally some feeling.

todays bikeride 

two thirds of the way now. We've stopped for a short break again.

Today @habmala tagged along

bike ride and also swedish elections in two weeks 

About halfway on todays 100km ride. So far we've run into the local swedish left party from the next town over, and a very social who wanted to know what was in my bag.

Now we've stopped for .

Just supporting my local with buying a bracelet. Super over priced for this style of bracelet/band and all of that goes toward organizing the pride 🏳️‍🌈

I got this in a giveaway and I know almost nothing about the brand but wow! This pen is really hefty. And you all know I like a hefty pen. I'll ink this up some day soon 🖋

Thursday.. Almost the first week of work over. Hectic but fun. The two last days are looking to be slower than the first part of the week.

As a non work related bonus to the end of the week I think I have mail incoming 😊

It might be the next day but I have three new skirts for back to tomorrow.


Y'know that spray bottle of water you keep for ironing when you sew. That works great for your face too if it's just a bit warm.

(Don't iron your face, water is nice though)

That moment when you're about to make the first ever cut in a new fabric and you know what you're doing but always nervous about the first cut 😳🪡

When you don't meet your step goal but don't care because you did 40 km. by . 🚲

I've read and enjoyed the comics. Like, I read all of them in a row, they're good.

Now I find out there's a series and I don't know if I should watch it or if it'll ruin the world for me 🤔

3 day poll
Please boost

environmemtal politics 

Climate change isn't your fault, it's a structural issue!
Small things still count!

Am I going to reverse climate change by not buying another laundry basket? No..

Am I going to improve things even by the small step taken away from consumerism? Maybe 🤷‍♀️

Do symbols matter in changing the way we see our world and interpret what we "need"? Absolutely!

Both of our laundry baskets have ripped at the same seam. I'm guessing they just weren't very well made.

But I just mended them both with my sewing skills.

I'm gonna count this both as home improvement and as an act of .

Cycling adventure selfie 7/7 

Home now.

108 km in a little over 6 hours. Not counting breaks. I had a couple of short ones and one longer.

Average temp was 27°C and max 42 😬

I've had a great time but I'm looking forward to not doing it again tomorrow.

Thanks everyone who followed along, it's been fun.

Bike adventure 6/7 

I've made a bit of a longer stop at 99km. Had some coffee. Now I'm on the home stretch.

Next post will be when I'm back home. 🚲😊

bike adventure selfie (sunglasses EC) 5/? 

I have a bit of a headache. I think the sun is my enemy. I try to drink a lot but not too much at once.

I'm 3 quarters done though and that's always nice. Now I know I'm gonna hit 100km today simply because that's the closest way home.

Bike ride adventure Selfie (Sunglasses ec) 4/? 

Two thirds of todays ride, I think. It's about one in the afternoon. That means it's probably about peak hot, so I'm taking a short break before heading out again.

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