I've read and enjoyed the comics. Like, I read all of them in a row, they're good.

Now I find out there's a series and I don't know if I should watch it or if it'll ruin the world for me 🤔

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@openess my partner is a gaiman superfan and had been loving it so far up to "the sound of her wings"

@openess The series is optically much more polished than the graphic novel was. Keeping that in mind: Maybe you wanna watch just episode 1 and then decide, whether or not you give episode 2 another shot?
I definetly loved every minute of the whole series oh so freaking much :)

@openess actually, the series is even _better_ than the comics. I've read them years ago, and now re-read them after watching the series - it's like Gaiman did a 2.0 version of his original plot.

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